Hi, my name is Ruby,

I am a practicing massage therapist for almost 20 years now. I am aboriginal to Taiwan, and have found my life in Australia through my world travels. I speak English, Mandarin, a little French, and my own native tongue of my people in Taiwan.

I specialise in aromatherapy, relaxation, stress reduction and helping you to fine tune your nervous system through the use of therapy grade essential oils and therapeutic touch. My speciality is in styles such as Esalan, and Lomi Lomi. Both of these are deeply rythmic forms of relaxation massage therapy. Esalan originates in California and is based in ocean tidal rhythms while Lomi Lomi relaxation massage is based on Polynesian philosophy for restoring the body's natural flow of energy. I also offer intense deep tissue treatments.


Please book an appointment with me if you want time to unwind, destress, reduce anxiety, reduce pain or promote healing within your body.

Many thanks.

Neural Pathways Sports Massage

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