Neural Pathways Sports Massage

promotes healing


Through the experience of touch, brain chemicals called endorphins are released and our nervous system responds in a variety of different fashions. By understanding these responses and interaction between movement patterns and emotional, muscular, and joint tension we will work in sync with the body and its ability to regenerate and heal.

This means that the healing does not come from me, it comes from within you. Massage therapy treatment is not performed on you, so much as it should work with you. Assisting your nervous system to feel safe, strong and supportive of how you hold yourself as you move throughout your daily life. Ironing out any muscular adhesions and built up tension in your presenting condition.

Some of the physical benefits of massage include;


  • reduced muscle tension

  • improved circulation

  • stimulation of the lymphatic system

  • reduction of stress hormones

  • relaxation

  • increased joint mobility and flexibility

  • improved skin tone

  • improved recovery of soft tissue injuries

  • improved recovery from exercise

  • heightened mental alertness

  • reduced anxiety and depression.

Levels of stress hormones, such as adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine, are also reduced by massage. Studies indicate that high levels of stress hormones impair the immune system.


Others simply will see the benefit of regular maintenance of the body systems and structures. While many of us will not wait until our cars are broken down on the side of the road to schedule servicing, but when it comes to our bodies our lifestyles are so fast paced and highly demanding that we rarely take self-care into thought. By taking a proactive approach to your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing you will be able to take your health, and that of your family into your own hands and minimise the time spent feeling less than 100%.

If you have been diagnosed by a clinical physician and require a therapeutic management plan, we are happy to work with any other health care referral to best suit your needs.

We also work with athletes and professional fighters who need to recover in short time frames to perform at the highest level for their chosen sports.

Neural Pathways Sports Massage

If you are south of the river, located in the Lynwood, Ferndale, Wilson, Beckenham or Cannington area, and you want to experience the difference of a fully trained and accredited massage therapist, who is passionate about improving the standard of health care available in Perth, book an appointment with us today. Located inside Muscle Pit Strength and Conditioning Centre.

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