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Neural Pathways Sports Massage specialises in bodymind therapy.

Sports massage is for athletes and any person wanting to perform, and sustain peak performance. We offer a complete service to support and work with you or your athletes’ requirements or sport specific goals. Whether you need postural realigning in the off season after a gruelling event, regular maintenance, or you need a therapist there on standby ringside, we can be there to ensure optimal performance.

Services available;              Off season therapy / injury rehabilitation

                                                Pre and Post event,

                                                During competition

After competition a lot of athletes feel deflated. All of that dedication, so much build up and then the thrill of the event, and when it’s over, what now?

We recommend athletes also receive relaxation style massage, especially after competition to help restore hormonal balance, reduce any post comp anxiety, and promote circulation flow throughout the bodies systems.

Prices vary for mobile service

1 hr         -   $95

90 mins - $110

2 hr         - $140

Neural Pathways Sports Massage

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